I'm Tanha Shah
A self-motivated technologist with a zeal to learn something new

About Me

A bit more about myself!

Top qualities that define me: Helpful | Punctual | Loyal | Calm | Persistent
My interest for scientific fields developed during my early days at school. I have always believed that Computer Science is the most dynamic and evolving field aiming for the amelioration of human life. This perspective of mine strengthened my decision to choose Computer Science as my career. While my undergraduate curriculum provided me a good platform to build my technical skills, my internships and ~2 years of work experience helped me to effectively apply these skills in the professional world and further helped me build a strong foundation of computer fundamentals. To gain a breadth of educational exposure after spending a couple of years in the industry, I started pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology in Fall'19. Further, I wish to utilize my skillset to pursue a distinguished career in the software development domain and contribute to the growth of the company and the betterment of the society at large, which will, in turn, enhance my technical skills as well.
In my free time, I love to play keyboard; it's like a soothing exercise for my mind. Other than that, I like to paint too. Besides, I am a great foodie and like trying different kinds of food :)

Major Projects

Putting the theoretical knowledge into implementation

Discover Airbnbs that match your ‘preferences’
Land of Permanent Goodbyes
Know more about the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Voting at your fingertips

Work Experience

A blend of software development, research and teaching experience

Technical Skills

An amalgamation of tools and technologies learnt from experiences till date

Power BI

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